Q: What is the Social Membership?
A: A Social Membership entitles the member and (if applicable) his/her immediate family to enjoy all the amenities the Club has to offer. The base price of Social Membership includes unlimited use of the tennis facilities and swimming pool and provides access to the Clubhouse (dining areas, member bar, and locker rooms) and all social events. Social Members also have the ability to play golf at standard guest fees and can purchase golf related services (e.g. range pass, golf lessons, lockers, handicap service, etc.) Social memberships are limited to playing 180 holes of golf (equivalent to ten 18-hole rounds or twenty 9-hole rounds) per membership number per membership year. Designated Club golf tournaments, events and leagues do not count against the 180 hole limit.

Q: What is the Introductory Golf Membership?
A: An Introductory Golf Membership entitles the member and (if applicable) his/her immediate family to enjoy all the amenities the Club offers; including the golf course, driving range and short game practice facility, tennis facility and swimming pool and access to the Clubhouse (dining areas, member bar, locker rooms) and all social events. The base price of this membership includes unlimited access to the swimming pool and tennis facility, as well as access to the golf course at no additional charge for a preset number of 18 hole rounds (or double that number of 9 hole rounds) per membership number per membership year. Introductory Golf Members are eligible to play (at standard guest fees) an unlimited amount of golf beyond that included in the base membership price and can purchase golf-related services (e.g. range pass, golf lessons, lockers, handicap service, etc). Introductory Golf Members may not apply the included rounds of golf toward designated club events. New Club members are eligible to remain in the Introductory Golf category for one membership year.

Q: What if I’m a former Club member?
A: We welcome all former Club members to come back and enjoy membership at the Club. In addition to the option to join under all available standard dues categories, former Club members (membership inactive for one member cycle or more) are eligible to rejoin the Club under the new Social and Introductory Golf Membership categories. Members may only serve 1 year total in a Introductory category.

Q: If I join as a Social or Introductory Golf member, can I upgrade to a full dues membership at a later date?
A: Yes. You can upgrade at any point. If you join as a Social Member and wish to upgrade to Introductory Golf, you can do so at any point. However, your limit of one membership year in the category begins the month you upgrade into the Introductory Class. In doing so, you would receive 18 holes of complimentary golf for every remaining full calendar month in the membership year.

Q: I only golf April-October, is there a seasonal membership?
A: There is not a “seasonal membership." All membership categories are annual memberships.

Q: What privileges are extended to my family members? Grandchildren?
A: Family privileges are extended to those with family memberships for children under 23 and grandchildren under 18 years of age.

Q: How long am I committed to the Club?
A: Membership commitments are for the membership year. Your commitment is from the date you join the club through the conclusion of the next full membership cycle as is indicated on your membership application. You can resign at any time and you will only owe dues through that membership year. The final month of every membership year you will have the option to decline your membership renewal and leave with no further obligation. All resignations requests must be submitted in writing to the business office prior to the June Board of Governor’s meeting for Board consideration and approval.

Q: How do I resign?
A: Resignation requests outside of the open enrollment period (currently June) are considered by the Board of Governors on a case by case basis. All requests must be submitted in writing.

Q: What are my guest privileges and at what rate?
A: As a member you are entitled to sponsor guests to the club an unlimited number of times. However, a single individual is limited to a specific number of times they are allowed to use tennis courts, swimming pool and golf course. A single guest may only play golf 4 times in a calendar year. Guests may dine with members an unlimited number of times. Guests will be charged standard rates to play golf.

Q: What is the nominations process? Do I have to be interviewed?
A: We welcome everyone to apply for membership. Anyone with questions on the nomination process should first contact the Club. Each nominee for membership should have two sponsors who are current members in good standing. If a nominee does not know two current members, the membership committee will present the nominee as a club-sponsored member after conducting an interview with the nominee.

Q: Can I take a leave of absence? What happens if I lose my job?
A: Members requesting leave of absence for job relocation may be transferred to a non-resident membership with the residency requirements waived or to social membership. All other requests for leave of absence will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Governors.

Q: Are there any additional fees?
A: Optional additional fees could be incurred based on membership category for cart rentals, swim & tennis usage, driving range usage, guest fees and handicap system fees. These are examples of possible fees. Other fees may exist. All first year members are exempt from any potential assessments in their first membership cycle.

Q: What about assessments?
A: Since 2011, with the successful completion of the CCC Friends ownership arrangement and significant cost restructuring, the Club has produced a positive operating budget without the need for assessments. Though unforeseen events are possible, no need for assessment is expected in the coming membership year. However, in order to address this concern for those interested in joining the Club, all new members that join are waived from any potential assessments during their first membership year. All other current members, regardless of membership class, are eligible.

Q: Where can I find more details about the specific rates and fees?
A: More details can be found online at & by clicking the Membership tab. You may also call or stop by the Club for further information.

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